Global Monitoring of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) using Beached Plastic Resin Pellets.

Global Pollution Map:Sample Detail

sample ID : IPEN24

sample ID IPEN24
sampling date 2019
country Tunisia
sampling location
(local name)
Gulf of Tunis
lattitude , longtitude N 36° 59′ 42.4″ , E 10° 29′ 0.3″



PCBs 554.0
DDTs n.a.
DDT n.a.
DDD n.a.
DDE n.a.
HCHs n.a.
Hopanes n.a.
PAHs n.a.
Heps n.a.
Hep n.a.
HepoxB n.a.
HepoxA n.a.
Chlordanes n.a.
trans n.a.
cis n.a.
Aldrin n.a.
Dieldrin n.a.
Endosulfan n.a.
PBDEs(Br3-Br7) n.a.
BDE209 n.a.